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What Do You Spend on Treats?

My friends laugh that my dogs get fruit and veggies as treats, but it’s the only way to make sure that my allergy-ridden Pug doesn’t get something he shouldn’t have from Miss Doxie. 

Now, I know I’m lucky because my dogs will happily eat anything.  They like potato peals, the white parts of lettuce, and even spinach leaves.  Their favorite “treat” seems to be a three-way tie between frozen grean beans, watermelon, and bananas. 

Altogether, I probably spend around $2-$3 a month on extra fruits and veggies.

How much are you spending on treats for your animal friends?

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3 comments to What Do You Spend on Treats?

  • Wow, thats nice even my pet will enjoy by eating veggie and fruits.

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  • hi,
    this post is so useful for me because how to reduced money for pets…

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