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Vegetarian Dog Food is Expensive!

As I mentioned in my last post, Mr. Pug has major allergy problems.  This leads to a bunch of expensive stuff including vegetarian dog food.  The problem is that he isn’t just allergic to meat…he also has to avoid corn, dairy, soy, and wheat!  I only have two options:

1)  The 16 pound bags of the specialized vegetarian blend from his dermatologist for about $45 a bag – it lasts about 2 months.
2)  Make it myself.

I go with option 1 since option 2 would require me to make him a new batch every week, which just won’t happen.  I know it won’t because I am a lady that forgets to prepare my own meals, much less that of my pup.  Not to mention I have no idea how much making his food would cost since the list of ingredients looked really long, included a lot of vegetables (emphasis on sweet potatoes), and even would require a few vitamins thrown in…

So yes, this post is just to vent that I have a vegetarian dog that costs alot of money.

How about you?  Are your pets on any special food?