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Do you pick up your pet’s waste?  I was just thinking of our unusable backyard and wondered if I’m the only one that rather just let it go.  :-)

I remember as a kid that my dad would get my sister or me to pick up the yard before he mowed.  Even as a teenager I wondered why.  I doubted the poop would hurt the lawn mower anymore than the lawn or other stuff in the grass.  Now I’m not sure, but our dogs are much smaller and the guy who mows our lawn just mulches in the waste with the grass and pine cones.

I definitely take care of business when I’m walking our two dogs, but I never pick up our backyard.  We don’t have kids that would want to play there and I’m not really a hang-in-the-yard kind of person.  It just seems easier to let it go.  What do you think?

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4 comments to Poop

  • LOL! Why didn’t I know about this site, Crystal? Just stumbled over it browsing from your update at BitFS (congrats on the steadily growing Alexa ranking, btw).

    Oh please, please pick up the doggie mounds! At least…if you have neighbors. Even wee mounds breed flies. And flies, and flies, and more flies.

    ‘Twasn’t until my two big dogs passed through the Doggy Veil, advanced in age, that I realized all those flies in the backyard were there because I picked up after the pooches maybe twice a week. Or sometimes once a week. Dog mounds gone: flies gone! I cringe to think of all the flies I inflicted on the beloved neighbors Terri and Sally — and on any other neighbor within buzzing distance.

    Cassie the Corgi’s little rabbit pellets were such a thrill after the 20 pounds of doggy doo-doo the Ger-Shep & the Greyhound were capable of depositing every week. But before long I came to realize that even rabbit pellets breed flies, especially when the weather’s warm. We really need to pick up the mounds once a day. It makes a HUGE difference.
    Funny about Money recently posted..Sarah Gets Her Bull’s-Eye

  • @Funny, HI! Glad you found my pet site!

    I never thought about flies…huh. I was just letting the tiny piles get mowed in every two weeks. Okay, I will pay closer attention and pick up poop when I see any flies in my back yard. Thanks!

    PS I had big dogs growing up and OMG on the poop we had to pick up! I’m kind of glad a Dachshund and a Pug are 10 times smaller…

  • Daily i will take my dog while going for walking and that time i will take care of my business and for backyard i dnt pay attention. but hereafter surely i will pay attention.

  • disgusting! hahah lol! funny mounds! This is a topic that is close to my heart… Best wishes! Where are your contact details though?

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