Crystal Thanks for visiting! My name is Crystal and I proudly live in the heat, humidity, and hurricanes of Houston, TX with my husband and our foster dogs. Hope to see you in the comments soon!

Photo Friday

Hey everybody!  Welcome to this Photo Friday!  If you have any cuties you’d like included in the future, please email them to dogslifeforme *at* gmail *dot* com.

Zippy the Pug: "Do you have food? Do you?"

Miss Chewy: "What..."

Mr. Pug: "I just am going to lay down my head for a minute...yeah, right where your hands were looks good..."

Miss Doxie: "One more step and the duck gets it..."

Puff the Bearded Dragon: "*humming*Lived by the sea, and frolicked *end humming*....hey, is that a cricket?!"

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