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Pet Sitting Checklist

Pet Sitting Checklist

  1. Does your pet get along with small dogs?
  2. Is he/she aggressive towards anything?
  3. Is your pet skittish around a certain gender, age, race?
  4. Is your pet up to date with all of their vaccinations?
  5. Does your pet have any medical issues?  Medications?
  6. Your vet’s name and address?
  7. Emergency contact info?
  8. Is your pet potty trained?
  9. Is your pet kennel trained?  Specifically, is he/she okay in their kennel or does he/she fight it or whine while in it?
  10. How active is your pet?
  11. Is he/she allowed on the furniture?
  12. What is your pet’s favorite toy or chew?
  13. What does your pet eat?
  14. Is your pet a grazer or do they get fed at certain times of the day?
  15. Does your pet know any commands?
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