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Pet Emergency Fund

My husband and I have separate ING accounts for most of our sub-goals:  Emergency Fund, Taxes and Insurance, Auto and Home Maintenance, Vacation, and Fun Money accounts for each of us.  Now I’m thinking of starting a special one just for our dogs. 

Up to this point, we just absorbed extra pet expenses into our monthly budget.  Even the big ones.  But Miss Doxie is getting to be 12 1/2 years old and Mr. Pug isn’t ever going to be med free again.  Doggy fund here we come, lol.

I’m thinking we’ll start by contributing $100 a month minus dog expenses.  For example, if Mr. Pug’s allergy pills cost $10 and we buy a $45 bag of food, then I’ll put the other $45 into the dog account at the end of the month.  Some months we actually have no expenses and sometimes they go over $100 (we’ll absord that for the first year), but at least this way the account will be building.  Maybe the huge expenses will hurt less if I know I have it in the bank…we’ll see.

Do you have a pet fund?  If so, how do you work it?

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