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My Latest Big Vet Bill

Mr. Pug is an allergy-ridden dog.  These allergies have caused him to have skin infections, ear infections, and internal problems.  Prednisone, a popular steroid, and a few other medicines have helped him to recover to about 99%.  He still licks his paws, but at least he doesn’t look near death’s door anymore.

Well, after 3 months of being on steroids, our dermatologist wanted to run lab tests to see if they were badly affecting his liver or kidneys, so we had yet another visit about a week ago.  $277 later he has a clean bill of health in regards to steroids and two new topical meds for his paws and face. 

The only good news is that he is overall well again and does not have another appointment for 6 months.  Yay, 6 months!!!

Any big pet expenses you’d like to vent about today?  :-)

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