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Miss Doxie Skipped the Vet Last Week

Last week I asked, How Long Do You Wait Before Visiting the Vet?  Miss Doxie was having a mystery pain that was restricting her movements and causing her to skip a couple of meals.  That Sunday night was pretty bad so we decided to call the vet and take her in the next day.

Lo and behold, she was perky and hungry Monday morning.  She still was a tiny bit stiff, but she ran up the stairs despite my calls back.  She also hopped up and down from the low couch upstairs.  It seemed she heard about her upcoming doctor’s visit and decided to heal quicker than a squirrel on a caffeine high…

So Miss Doxie just got better and better last week and never had to be taken in to the vet.  I’m pretty happy and very relieved.  I hate it when my dogs are sick – I feel bad for the dog and like I’m not doing this owner job very well…

How are your pets feeling?

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