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Medicine Routines

I have been getting lazy with Mr. Pug’s medicine routine and am trying to get back on track.  It’s nice to have a healthy Pug and I don’t want to fall back into bad habits.

Here’s the schedule I just made for myself (again):


  • Put a steroid pill (Prednisone) in his morning food.
  • Put in eye drops at night.

Twice a Week

  • Clean his ears with cotton balls and medicated ear wash.
  • Clean his face with medicated face wash.


  • Bathe him with a medicated shampoo.
  • Spray him with a liquid topical spray if he has flare-ups.

Hopefully I’ll stay on track so he never has to go back to the very expensive pet dermatologist.  I just get so tired of the constant work, you know?  I’ve already been stretching myself too thin with blogging since I’m trying to grow it into a freaking empire that Ican live off of in a year or two, so the extra daily medicine delivery chores seem even more tedious. 

It doesn’t help that Mr. Pug still hates each and every one of the meds and still tries to eat everything that can basically kill him, but he is a dog…

How do you keep up with your pet routines?

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50 comments to Medicine Routines

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  • I am yet to raise a pet. Will keep these in mind. Thanks for sharing.. :D
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  • Was checking this out for new posts… :D Keep blogging here as well.. :D

    I got a pet soon.. :D
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  • Lydia

    It is nice that you are organized and have time management…

  • Thomas

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  • Clark Minn

    This is really helpful. Thank you and I am looking forward for your next posts.
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  • Retired and still Budgeting

    Got to get me a web site to link.
    I was going to ask what I should do about my bearded dragon. He is about 2 years old and was gaining girth and a bit more length this year. Two weeks ago he just stopped eating. He hides in his rocks. When I give him a bath he has started drinking the bath water. I hope he does start to brumate (, because he just did that like 10 months ago and it was scary. Of course, he then got active and started growing again.
    I love my dragon, but hate this ” I do not need to eat for now” stuff. What am I suppose to do with this bin full of zophobas larvae, pupae, and beetles? This stubborn reptile better get hungry soon, all I am saying.
    Also, was wondering what to do if my dog has some bumps on her back. They use to be very little, but now they seem to be getting bigger. My dog is an Old English Sheep Dog and she is about 12 years old. She has hip dysplasia, so we have to help her get up to go potty. Her teeth are going down hill, but she loves the oatmeal and small Blue Diamond chicken and rice dog food. She is too old to take to a vet, as the last time I took her the vet wanted to do $500 worth of work up and give her vaccinations she really doesn’t need any more. She lives at my feet and I know exactly everything she touches day in day out. She is old. She is slowly dying, but as long as she wriggles her butt and goes for walks with me, she will get help to go to the bathroom, eat, and drink. Sooner or later she will go to sleep and not wake up I hope. That is sort of how I would like to go too.
    I also am having trouble with my 95 gallon fish tank. Algae keeps springing up. I think its cause of the heat. I keep the drapes closed because we are going on 24 straight days of 100 + degree F weather. Due to electric cots, the house is at 80 and the algae is really going nuts. Of course, I probably should have done a water change a couple of weeks ago, but vacuuming a 95 gallon tank is a PiB. The other 95 gallon tank went to my dragon. I moved all the parrot heads over to the one tank and things seem to be working out better that way. The parrot head quit laying eggs, which lead to them not picking on the other fish much. So that all worked out well.
    The red worm bins got over ran by ants, so I took the bins and dumped them out in the yard. We had a potted fig tree, so I dug up a hole back in May and planted using my worm castings. It grew and I was so happy, until I realized it was never going to rain again. So every day I went and water the fig tree. Soon cantaloupe ( sprouted.
    We ended up wit two small cantaloupe and ants. I saved the cantaloupe, killed the ants, and the fig tree is starting to come back again. So if you use worm castings from a worm bin, make sure you kill all the left over seeds first or you may get some surprises in your garden.
    Our other family dog, which is almost 11 years old, went to college to guard my college going daughter. He seems to be enjoying his new position.
    So there, I think that is a full update of my pets and how they are doing. Of course I guess I forgot to mention how I am putting out some of my humming bird feeders as I think it is about that time again.
    What is everyone else up to with their pets? If your dog is getting old, how are you going to handle its passing? We have a plan or two. With a 100 pound dog, we may just have her cremated. We have some great memorial plans. Does anyone else have wild pets? The humming birds, a couple of toads, a cardinal family, a mockingbird family, and some house geckos seemed to have adopted us lately.
    My daily pet routine, let me see … I live for my pets I do believe.

    I finally found enough timers that the tanks for both dragons and all the fish turn on and of by themselves. Yay!
    So now all I have to do is try to feed my fish, check their water and adjust it. Check the temperature of the water and of the tanks for the 2 bearded dragons. I will do this again before going to also.
    First though, I have to help my dog up and walk her out on the grass so she will do her business, then lead her to the water and make sure she drinks.
    Then I feed her a treat with baby aspirin in it.
    Make sure my human family has eaten.
    Take all scraps from lunch salad and turn them into bearded dragon salad or worm food.
    Try to feed the now warmed dragons. The younger one usually eats. The older one is being a pain.
    Feed my beta. Change its water 1x per week
    Boil water for humming bird syrup, let it cool, add sugar and put it in the refrigerator. I will check on the feeders early in morning and in the evening for a week, then take them down, clean them up and put them back. Some yers they come around now, some years, a bit later. Hubby walks dog.
    In afternoon, daughter walks dog.
    Feed my dog at supper, put in fish oil and stuff. Once a month I give her a dose of swine parasite control instead of the heartworm medicine, in her food. We all walk the dog.
    Then, right before bed, walk the dog again. Make sure she drinks. She needs to be bath every two weeks now, cause she doesn’t always makes it. We left her out several times and she got fleas for the forst time in 5 years, this heat must really help fleas grow. So for now, I sit and do a manual flea check at night. She has been flea free for 10 days now.
    Yes, I still have time to read blogs, do housework, and maintain stuff. Although I am thinking I may be able to do without the dwarf hamster I somehow keep forgetting. It is diabetic, so i feed it a custom mix of seeds (quinoa, flax, millet, and either pumkin or a pieces of walnut) and high quality rabbit food. Every once in a while it is offered apple, carrot, cherry, stuff like that. clean the cage once a week, feed it every 3 days, check water daily. It is a year old now and will only live another year. Very cute, quit biting once i figured out it was diabetic and got it into good shape. If anyone wants a very adorable low-maintenance, middle-aged, dwarf hamster; let me know.
    Next time I will post my own links….just got to figure what I want to blog about, any suggestions/

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  • So this is shanendoah of the dog ate me wallet/life by pets. And this may or may not be the first non-spam comment on this post. I’m not really certain.
    I just thought I’d offer the two ways we’ve found to get our dogs to take pills.
    The first has always been to cover it in peanut butter. Sometimes it goes on a small peanut butter sandwich, sometimes, the dogs will just lick the peanut butter (and peanut butter covered pill) right off our fingers.
    However, we’ve found that when our dogs have to be on pills for an extended period of time, they become capable of licking the peanut butter off the pill, or just stop eating peanut butter.
    In that case, we discovered Greenies pill pockets. They are sadly very expensive little dog treats, but they smell good enough, are richly flavored enough, that we’ve never had a dog refuse a pill wrapped in one. In fact,they are gobbled down very quickly.

  • retired ....

    RE: shanendoah… Other ways are stick the pill in a piece of hot dog, liverwurst, meatloaf, or hamburger and offer as a treat. Add sauce to dog food, covering pill with the sauce or a dose of fish oil. For pills you can powder, mixed the pill powder a tablespoon of canned dog food, r left over biscuit mush with sauce or fish oil. Roll mixture into a ball, stick in any pill you cant crush, wrap in plastic wrap and place in a freezer bag. Try feeding frozen or zap in microwave for a few seconds.
    I have bee known to place pill on the far back of my 12-year old OES’s tongue, close her mouth and stroke her throat until she swallows. Then I wash my hands. She is the worlds worst medicine taker and sometimes its that important.

  • My gosh taht like taking care of the elderly. Good with you new found dedication.

  • Wow you’re a very dedicated pet-owner!!

  • This is really an inspiration for all people. Thank you for sharing this for us.

  • I´ll keep this in my mind.Thanks for sharing these useful tips for us.

  • Cley@howtotranslatepdf

    You surely love your pug! :) You really on hands on taking care of him.. keep up the good work! :)

  • Nice information. soon im gonna get one cute pet.

  • This is Good News for me for i will be having a new pet! And Guess what? it is Mr.PUG- and i am going to name it Papoy- named after from the Movie Despicable Me! They’re so cute and so as my new Pug=)! so thanks so much for your info here=)! You’re so dedicated

  • hi,
    this article so much information for me because how care my pets easily…

  • This is very interesting post Thanks for sharing this post. I love it.

  • It can certainly be hard to keep a schedule for yourself, let alone your pet. Do you have an update as to how things are going?

  • Daily runs and twice a week baths. So hot this days and she loves to play with water.I really think she was a fish in her previous life.

  • Is a steroids daily really necessary?

  • Medication routines needs a time conscious and time management in order to have an effective plans.

  • Yeah i had a similar problem with my dog, my meg was like that she died with 15 years old, all the time trying to eat everything, she wouldn’t care, like you say… is a dog..and they do what they like… but one thing i am proud of to say is… she was a happy dog, and had a happy life… miss her though! All the best for your journey with your best friend!

  • I have a basset hound, and at first I didn’t spend that much time looking after his health and left it to my mom, and then he wasn’t very well so we took him to the vets and it turned out that my sister had fed him some chocolate! Since we have been extra careful, feeding him different medicines which he hates so we have to hide it in his food, and it is literally like having a baby in the house, we have resulted in getting a paddling pool in the garden for him to have a quick wash in everyday and about 3/4 times a week we wash him with his proper shampoo’s! Thank you for sharing this post, nice to know I’m not the only one struggling with maintaining my dog’s routine!!

  • Hello, yeah I am going through a similar process with my dogs, I have recently just bought a Golden Retriever and they are much harder to look after than my other dogs and require special treatments every so often. So I now have bought medicated shampoo and soap and hope to look after them just as well as the groomers do. Thank you for sharing!

  • I am currently thinking of getting a dog, and I have been told about all of these different treatments I need to be able to provide, and this post has given me a lot of awareness so thank you. I used to work at a dog groomers and I understand that it can be a tiring process but just think of the good it is doing! Thanks for the share.

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