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How Long Do You Wait Before Visiting the Vet?

Miss Doxie hurt something on Wednesday while I was at work.  She was walking slower than usual when I came home and didn’t want to eat her dinner.  One of my dogs not wanting to eat means there is a problem.  I pulled every leg, moved her neck around, and pushed my fingers down her spine, but Miss Doxie doesn’t like to admit when she’s hurt.  So I decided to give her doggy aspirin  and I’d call the vet and make an appointment if she didn’t eat anything the next morning.

Thursday morning she still seemed stiff, but she ate all her food.  I thought “yay, she is getting better” and went off to work.  She also seemed a bit better Thursday evening and polished off her dinner.  I gave her more doggy aspirin just in case.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning were about the same – a little better every day and all the food gobbled up.

Sunday evening, she yelped when I picked her up off the couch and didn’t want to eat again.  Now I’m thinking about calling the vet again.  I’ll feel stupid if she just strained a muscle but I don’t see another option.  Unless she is feeling way better this morning…

So, how long do you wait before taking your cuties to the vet?

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