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How Healthy is Healthy Enough?

Mr. Pug is almost back to his old self.  At the beginning of the year, he was losing hair, had no energy, and was eating less.  The vet diagnosed him with major allergies that led to several infections, so we’ve been getting him better ever since.

He is now a vegetarian dog to bypass his major food allergies.  He also has 5 main medicines. 

1)  He takes a daily steroid to battle his lingering environmental allergies.
2)  He has daily eye drops to take care of his Pug dry eye. 
3)  We also have a topical spray with a lighter steroid in it to treat occasional hot spots like his paws. 
4)  He has his ears cleaned with a special solution twice a week to prevent ear infections
5)  His face folds are cleaned with a special soap two times a week so he won’t have any skin infections either.

I follow through on this convoluted system because Mr. Pug has gotten 99% better.  I have no idea if we need all the medicines or if just 1-2 would work, but it is nice to have my happy doggy back.

My question for you is:  How healthy is healthy enough?  Do you have a line you are unwilling to cross?

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