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Do Your Pets Wear You Out?

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I am tired.  I am tired of working, blogging, and balancing life through it all.  I need a break.

One huge thing that I’d love to take a break from is giving Mr. Pug all of his medicines every day.  Every single day he needs to have a pill shoved down his throat and eye drops put in both eyes.  Twice a week he also needs to have his face wrinkles cleaned and his ears washed out.  Lastly, he has to be sprayed with some anti-itch stuff as needed, so that is every other day or so as well.

In short, every evening of my life is spent doing something Pug-related unless we are on vacation.  I’m just pooped out.

Do you have something that has to be done all the time?  What do you do to stay motivated?

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