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A Sudden Goodbye to Mr. Pug

Mr. Pug crossed over to doggy heaven May 6, 2014 after getting a twisted lung from a developing, ongoing condition (either Cushings disease or diabetes, we decided not to get him tested after the fact).  He was the classic momma’s boy and I miss him more than I thought possible.  But we’re trying to keep in mind all of the happy stuff.

Mr. Pug

Mr. Pug – February 2003 through May 2014

The Good Stuff

I keep smiling about his absolute crazy-love for ice cubes and carrot sticks.  I can almost feel him sitting next to me when I’m watching tv.  And I sort of miss the sound of his snoring in the kennel outside of our bedroom door.  We had more than 5 years together and he was a great friend.

He jumped into my lap and went to sleep 5 minutes after I met him in February 2009 while we were fostering for Pughearts.  A few days after we adopted him later that month, he was sniffing around Mr. BFS’ feet while my husband was on the potty, then he lifted his leg and peed right on my husband’s foot.  LOL.  It never happened again, he just felt the need to mark him that one time.  He also was adorable when he nursed on the edges of his pillows.  Overall, he was just a great dog.

My only regret is that I didn’t understand that we were nearing the end, so there wasn’t any real time to get used to the idea.  With Miss Doxie, I had a whole day to hang out with her before we said goodbye.  With Mr. Pug, it was just rush, rush, and then a few minutes before I held his head and said goodbye.  I could have taken the evening and returned, but he was having a hard time breathing…it didn’t seem right.

Remember to spend quality time with the people and animals that you love since you don’t really know when it will be their time.

Mr. Pug

My baby has passed on…


Medicine Routines

I have been getting lazy with Mr. Pug’s medicine routine and am trying to get back on track.  It’s nice to have a healthy Pug and I don’t want to fall back into bad habits.

Here’s the schedule I just made for myself (again):


  • Put a steroid pill (Prednisone) in his morning food.
  • Put in eye drops at night.

Twice a Week

  • Clean his ears with cotton balls and medicated ear wash.
  • Clean his face with medicated face wash.


  • Bathe him with a medicated shampoo.
  • Spray him with a liquid topical spray if he has flare-ups.

Hopefully I’ll stay on track so he never has to go back to the very expensive pet dermatologist.  I just get so tired of the constant work, you know?  I’ve already been stretching myself too thin with blogging since I’m trying to grow it into a freaking empire that Ican live off of in a year or two, so the extra daily medicine delivery chores seem even more tedious. 

It doesn’t help that Mr. Pug still hates each and every one of the meds and still tries to eat everything that can basically kill him, but he is a dog…

How do you keep up with your pet routines?

Does Your Pet Make Funny Noises?

Mr. Pug sounds like a gremlin on crack if you start ruffling the hair around his ears.  It’s absolutely hilarious!  He also makes funny barking/purring noises when he’s frustrated or super excited.  I have never heard these noises from other dogs.

Does your pet make any funny sounds?

Do Your Pets Wear You Out?

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I am tired.  I am tired of working, blogging, and balancing life through it all.  I need a break.

One huge thing that I’d love to take a break from is giving Mr. Pug all of his medicines every day.  Every single day he needs to have a pill shoved down his throat and eye drops put in both eyes.  Twice a week he also needs to have his face wrinkles cleaned and his ears washed out.  Lastly, he has to be sprayed with some anti-itch stuff as needed, so that is every other day or so as well.

In short, every evening of my life is spent doing something Pug-related unless we are on vacation.  I’m just pooped out.

Do you have something that has to be done all the time?  What do you do to stay motivated?

How Healthy is Healthy Enough?

Mr. Pug is almost back to his old self.  At the beginning of the year, he was losing hair, had no energy, and was eating less.  The vet diagnosed him with major allergies that led to several infections, so we’ve been getting him better ever since.

He is now a vegetarian dog to bypass his major food allergies.  He also has 5 main medicines. 

1)  He takes a daily steroid to battle his lingering environmental allergies.
2)  He has daily eye drops to take care of his Pug dry eye. 
3)  We also have a topical spray with a lighter steroid in it to treat occasional hot spots like his paws. 
4)  He has his ears cleaned with a special solution twice a week to prevent ear infections
5)  His face folds are cleaned with a special soap two times a week so he won’t have any skin infections either.

I follow through on this convoluted system because Mr. Pug has gotten 99% better.  I have no idea if we need all the medicines or if just 1-2 would work, but it is nice to have my happy doggy back.

My question for you is:  How healthy is healthy enough?  Do you have a line you are unwilling to cross?

Job Hunting Trumps Vet Visit

Okay, so Mr. Pug was scheduled for a check up last Thursday, but an interview opportunity popped up for me.  I rescheduled his appointment for this week.  The frustrating thing was that the interview was a let down and I much rather have been at the vet’s office, lol.  Oh well, that’s life, right?

Now to get his skin infection checked out…I’ll let you know how much this will cost…

Vegetarian Dog Food is Expensive!

As I mentioned in my last post, Mr. Pug has major allergy problems.  This leads to a bunch of expensive stuff including vegetarian dog food.  The problem is that he isn’t just allergic to meat…he also has to avoid corn, dairy, soy, and wheat!  I only have two options:

1)  The 16 pound bags of the specialized vegetarian blend from his dermatologist for about $45 a bag – it lasts about 2 months.
2)  Make it myself.

I go with option 1 since option 2 would require me to make him a new batch every week, which just won’t happen.  I know it won’t because I am a lady that forgets to prepare my own meals, much less that of my pup.  Not to mention I have no idea how much making his food would cost since the list of ingredients looked really long, included a lot of vegetables (emphasis on sweet potatoes), and even would require a few vitamins thrown in…

So yes, this post is just to vent that I have a vegetarian dog that costs alot of money.

How about you?  Are your pets on any special food?

Miss Doxie and Mr. Pug

My first real post on a pet blog should probably cover my current pets, right?

Miss Doxie

Miss Doxie was a wedding gift to ourselves and a celebration puppy since I got my first “real” job.   We thought we’d just look around at the Houston SPCA to get an idea of what small breed could work for us since we were living in an apartment complex that would only accept 30 pound dogs or less.  Yeah, take it from me, you can’t just window shop when cute puppy faces are involved.  :-)

Strangely enough, we did almost leave without a dog since none of the small dogs that matched all our criteria bonded with us at all.  When I suggested we come back the following weekend, hubby asked if we could walk through the section one last time. 

That’s when we saw Miss Doxie – a strange mix between a Dachshund and a who-knows-what.  She was older than what we thought we wanted (we were aiming for 2-3 and she was 7), but she seemed healthy and happy and loving.  She was also potty trained and knew some human words already!  $65 later, she was driving home with us.  :-)

She has a few issues – she doesn’t like to be picked up and is racist towards black men – but she was the perfect fit for our little family.  She didn’t mind chilling on her own while we were out and she already knew all the basic commands.  She is a blessing.  5 years later, she’s still the same happy and healthy dog with the same issues.  She is a constant that I worry about due to her age.

Mr. Pug

Mr. Pug was a planned pup too.  We looked into breeds with great personalities and came across the Pug.  We didn’t have any experience with them at all, so we decided to foster for Pughearts to see what we were getting into.  When my first 3 fosters all had horrible issues, I should have known.  But then I met Mr. Pug.  That was it.  He was sweet and bubbly with me and warmed up to hubby in a few hours.  I had to have him.  $200 and a few weeks later, he was ours.  He’s been a sick sweety ever since.

I had no idea a dog could need teeth extractions…like 7 of them!  A few months after that, he got an ear infection.  A few months after that, it seemed like he was dying.  A few horrific vet visits and $1500 later, we find out that he’ll need to be on special food, steroids, and eye drops for the rest of his life.  He’s also prone to skin infections that cost $50-$65 to clear up each time.

Would I get a Pug again?  Probably not unless it was a mixed breed.  Do I want to give up Mr. Pug?  No.  Period.  The end.  He’s my doggie baby and I’ve just slowly accepted the fact that he’ll cost a minimum of $500 a year.  It sucks but options are limited and I refuse to give up such a great dog because of what amounts to vacation money.  I just wish I had paid more attention while fostering.  I kept making excuses for the broken dogs I was getting when I should have just realized that people have imbred the Pug to an unhealthy yet loving dog.  Oh well…he is a darling dog.

So, what kind of pets do you own?  What’s their story?  Do you want to guest post and show off some pictures?

If anybody would like to submit pictures just to submit pictures, please email me at dogslifeforme *at* gmail *dot* com with a few pics with a little description and I’ll do a Photo Post every Friday!  Our community totally wants to meet your little balls of fluff!