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Medicine Routines

I have been getting lazy with Mr. Pug’s medicine routine and am trying to get back on track.  It’s nice to have a healthy Pug and I don’t want to fall back into bad habits.

Here’s the schedule I just made for myself (again):


  • Put a steroid pill (Prednisone) in his morning food.
  • Put in eye drops at night.

Twice a Week

  • Clean his ears with cotton balls and medicated ear wash.
  • Clean his face with medicated face wash.


  • Bathe him with a medicated shampoo.
  • Spray him with a liquid topical spray if he has flare-ups.

Hopefully I’ll stay on track so he never has to go back to the very expensive pet dermatologist.  I just get so tired of the constant work, you know?  I’ve already been stretching myself too thin with blogging since I’m trying to grow it into a freaking empire that Ican live off of in a year or two, so the extra daily medicine delivery chores seem even more tedious. 

It doesn’t help that Mr. Pug still hates each and every one of the meds and still tries to eat everything that can basically kill him, but he is a dog…

How do you keep up with your pet routines?

What to do with Your Pets When It is Freezing Outside

It has been 19-25 degrees around Houston, TX at night lately and I have seen some pets still suffering around town.

Here are some ideas on what to do with your pets when it is feezing outside:

1.  Bring them inside for the nights at least.

2.  Actually get sweaters for the breeds that were not made for the cold.

3.  Buy or build a shelter for them outside if you aren’t bringing them in.

4.  Provide that shelter with blankets or fabric or even crumpled newspapers so your pets can stay warm.

5.  Feed your pets more since they burn more energy to stay warm.

My dogs are indoor dogs, so we just give them extra blankets during the winter months.

What do you do to winterize your pets?

Do Your Pets Wear You Out?

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I am tired.  I am tired of working, blogging, and balancing life through it all.  I need a break.

One huge thing that I’d love to take a break from is giving Mr. Pug all of his medicines every day.  Every single day he needs to have a pill shoved down his throat and eye drops put in both eyes.  Twice a week he also needs to have his face wrinkles cleaned and his ears washed out.  Lastly, he has to be sprayed with some anti-itch stuff as needed, so that is every other day or so as well.

In short, every evening of my life is spent doing something Pug-related unless we are on vacation.  I’m just pooped out.

Do you have something that has to be done all the time?  What do you do to stay motivated?

How Healthy is Healthy Enough?

Mr. Pug is almost back to his old self.  At the beginning of the year, he was losing hair, had no energy, and was eating less.  The vet diagnosed him with major allergies that led to several infections, so we’ve been getting him better ever since.

He is now a vegetarian dog to bypass his major food allergies.  He also has 5 main medicines. 

1)  He takes a daily steroid to battle his lingering environmental allergies.
2)  He has daily eye drops to take care of his Pug dry eye. 
3)  We also have a topical spray with a lighter steroid in it to treat occasional hot spots like his paws. 
4)  He has his ears cleaned with a special solution twice a week to prevent ear infections
5)  His face folds are cleaned with a special soap two times a week so he won’t have any skin infections either.

I follow through on this convoluted system because Mr. Pug has gotten 99% better.  I have no idea if we need all the medicines or if just 1-2 would work, but it is nice to have my happy doggy back.

My question for you is:  How healthy is healthy enough?  Do you have a line you are unwilling to cross?