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New Roommate – Missy!

Our roommates just adopted one of our foster pups, Missy!  She’s a Pug-huahua.  She’s softer than a bunny rabbit, as hyper as a puppy, yet she’s 7 years old and waited around 2.5 years to be adopted.  Her previous owner died unexpectedly and Missy doesn’t “show” well.  Yet she fits into our household pretty perfectly!  Without further ado, here is Missy!


A Sudden Goodbye to Mr. Pug

Mr. Pug crossed over to doggy heaven May 6, 2014 after getting a twisted lung from a developing, ongoing condition (either Cushings disease or diabetes, we decided not to get him tested after the fact).  He was the classic momma’s boy and I miss him more than I thought possible.  But we’re trying to keep in mind all of the happy stuff.

Mr. Pug

Mr. Pug – February 2003 through May 2014

The Good Stuff

I keep smiling about his absolute crazy-love for ice cubes and carrot sticks.  I can almost feel him sitting next to me when I’m watching tv.  And I sort of miss the sound of his snoring in the kennel outside of our bedroom door.  We had more than 5 years together and he was a great friend.

He jumped into my lap and went to sleep 5 minutes after I met him in February 2009 while we were fostering for Pughearts.  A few days after we adopted him later that month, he was sniffing around Mr. BFS’ feet while my husband was on the potty, then he lifted his leg and peed right on my husband’s foot.  LOL.  It never happened again, he just felt the need to mark him that one time.  He also was adorable when he nursed on the edges of his pillows.  Overall, he was just a great dog.

My only regret is that I didn’t understand that we were nearing the end, so there wasn’t any real time to get used to the idea.  With Miss Doxie, I had a whole day to hang out with her before we said goodbye.  With Mr. Pug, it was just rush, rush, and then a few minutes before I held his head and said goodbye.  I could have taken the evening and returned, but he was having a hard time breathing…it didn’t seem right.

Remember to spend quality time with the people and animals that you love since you don’t really know when it will be their time.

Mr. Pug

My baby has passed on…


Goodbye Miss Doxie

We had to say goodbye to Miss Doxie on February 13, 2014.  She had been declining for about 6 months, but she pretty much decided to end it by flying from the couch and directly into the coffee table the week before.  She had been using doggy stairs for years, so it came as a surprise…

It’s nearly impossible for a 15.5 year old dog to recover all the way from a bad neck injury.  The prescribed pain killer and muscle relaxant ended up just making her more tired while she was still whining in pain.  That along with her growing confusion (just beginning), near blindness, and arthritis simply meant it was time for us to let go.

Miss Doxie

I’ve spent the last week simply remembering how amazing she was and hoping I made the right decision for her after all.  She had a super strong, independent personality.  I think she is happier now.  My cat-like dog is at peace.

The Better Times

Her passing brought up a ton of memories of a younger Miss Doxie.  Hubby and I started remembering all of the times that she would only want a few pets before wandering off, BUT if you were sad, she would lay on you for hours.  She was also an amazing chaser of squirrels.  The only time she nearly caught one, it seemed to scare her as much as the squirrel though.  :-D  And the funniest (only when looking back) times were when she would get annoyed with us, wait until we were gone, and fastidiously spread one can of trash through our entire living space.  She was a fireball.

Anyway, thanks for everyone’s well wishes!  We are doing better and I think she is too.  :-)  Those puppy plans that we’ve had for the last 6 months are going to be put off for just a few more while we fully get used to life now.  But I do think that by mid-2014 or even faster, I’ll be posting a much happier introduction.

Medicine Routines

I have been getting lazy with Mr. Pug’s medicine routine and am trying to get back on track.  It’s nice to have a healthy Pug and I don’t want to fall back into bad habits.

Here’s the schedule I just made for myself (again):


  • Put a steroid pill (Prednisone) in his morning food.
  • Put in eye drops at night.

Twice a Week

  • Clean his ears with cotton balls and medicated ear wash.
  • Clean his face with medicated face wash.


  • Bathe him with a medicated shampoo.
  • Spray him with a liquid topical spray if he has flare-ups.

Hopefully I’ll stay on track so he never has to go back to the very expensive pet dermatologist.  I just get so tired of the constant work, you know?  I’ve already been stretching myself too thin with blogging since I’m trying to grow it into a freaking empire that Ican live off of in a year or two, so the extra daily medicine delivery chores seem even more tedious. 

It doesn’t help that Mr. Pug still hates each and every one of the meds and still tries to eat everything that can basically kill him, but he is a dog…

How do you keep up with your pet routines?

A Dog Who Really Wants to Keep Water Out of His Nose!

I can totally understand wanting to keep the water off of my face, lol.


My Latest Big Vet Bill

Mr. Pug is an allergy-ridden dog.  These allergies have caused him to have skin infections, ear infections, and internal problems.  Prednisone, a popular steroid, and a few other medicines have helped him to recover to about 99%.  He still licks his paws, but at least he doesn’t look near death’s door anymore.

Well, after 3 months of being on steroids, our dermatologist wanted to run lab tests to see if they were badly affecting his liver or kidneys, so we had yet another visit about a week ago.  $277 later he has a clean bill of health in regards to steroids and two new topical meds for his paws and face. 

The only good news is that he is overall well again and does not have another appointment for 6 months.  Yay, 6 months!!!

Any big pet expenses you’d like to vent about today?  :-)

It’s Finally Cooling Down!

The temperature has finally dropped to tolerable, so I see more dog walking in my future.  I love the crispness in the early morning and late evening.  Since I also enjoy actually sleeping, I think our walks will be at night.

My only real problem with the idea is that we don’t have sidewalks in our neighborhood and people take the corners too fast in cars.  I think we’ll be walking in people’s yards around those area, but I’ll really try not to leave a mark in their very pretty lawns.

Do you walk your dogs?  I know that sounds like a silly question to ask dog owners, but my older dogs just don’t require it much at all, so I was wondering…

Have You Been to a Dog Park?

My friend Desiree suggested that since I want to exercise more, I should take my dogs to the dog park that’s about 30 minutes away.  I’ve only been to a dog park twice and it was just too hot to appreciate.

With October and cooler weather on the way, I was thinking I should try it out.  I know Mr. Pug would have a good time, but I am not sure about Miss Doxie.  She just isn’t usually that great with other dogs…we’ll see..

Have any of you been to a dog park?  If so, do you have any suggestions for me?  I know I need poop bags, their leashes and harnesses, and sunscreen…what else should I try to remember?