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We’ve Gone to the Cat Side…Meet Miss Vicky and Miss Rachel!

You read that right.  After Miss Doxie and Mr. Pug passed away in early 2014, I threw myself into professional pet sitting.  I was too busy and still too raw to get new pets for more than a year.  Then that feeling started again in mid-2015…I craved some furry attention at home, lol.

But pet sitting had gotten so busy that a doggy just wouldn’t get enough attention…but a cat would…

We Welcomed Miss Vicky!

Thanks to the awesome volunteers at SMART Pet Rescue like Kathy and Cindy, we were connected with the perfect cat for us.  We adopted Miss Vicky in July 2015 and she’s been AMAZING.

Miss Vicky Sleeping

Miss Vicky on Guest Bed

I was highly allergic to cats for most of my life until the very recent few years, so I didn’t have a lot of experience with them.  Miss Vicky is gentle, loving, soft as a bunny, and loves to play in spurts.  And she was 2 1/2 years old when we adopted her, so she’s a young adult.  Not too nut-balls but not old at all either.   I love her mellow yet curious personality.  And she’s great with people, other cats, and even dogs, which is good since a lot of people come in and out of our house.

We Also Got Our Cat a Pet Cat…We Welcomed Miss Rachel

Her only hang up would be that she hates being alone.  No, it’s not the crazy separation anxiety that leads to the destruction of our house, but it is sad meowls of sadness if no one or nothing is around.

So…we are now fostering another cat too.  Meet Miss Rachel.  She’s our cat’s cat.  And she will probably be a long-term foster since she seems to be a part of the family after these last few months.  It took her a month or so to come out of her shell, but now it’s been several months and she actually comes to us for pets once in a while.  Best part, she puts up with Miss Vicky running around after her all the time.

Rachel Our Foster Cat

Rachel the Huntress

We’re Animal People

Mr. BFS and I used to consider ourselves dog people.  Now we know we were wrong.  We are animal people.  Our home just belongs to cats right now, lol.  We’ll probably add another dog to the mix within the next year…I know us…