Crystal Thanks for visiting! My name is Crystal and I proudly live in the heat, humidity, and hurricanes of Houston, TX with my husband and our foster dogs. Hope to see you in the comments soon!

Bubbly Boxers – Recent Pet Sitting Success

Last week, I watched the two cuties below for 3 days.  I forgot how energetic young dogs could be, lol.  It ended up working out well and I hope I get to see them again!  Next time, I will make sure to sleep more so I can keep up even better.  ;-)

The Baby Boxer

This little girl was the youngest of the two. Super laid back and cute, cute, cute!

Baby Boy Boxer

This bundle of energy was the older of the two. Also adorable and loving. Wouldn’t stay still very long to be loved on though, lol.

Checking Out the Yard


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