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Anything Can Happen with Pets

Here’s proof that absolutely anything can happen in the world of pet ownership:

A friend of ours, Ashley, owns 2 dogs.  The first one is a very sweet Rottweiler named Mandy and the second is a cute, little Pug named Mr. Zippy (here’s the post with his pic).  I actually introduced our friend to Pughearts where she got Mr. Zippy. 

In the last 2 years, she has ended up having to spend more than $5000 on internal problems and anxiety disorders for this poor pup, so I already felt a little guilty for getting her into the Pug life anyway.

Last week, my friend’s family was visiting for the holidays and there were 2 Rottweilers, 1 Great Dane mix, and the Pug in their apartment.  Everything was going swell until the Great Dane mix dropped a piece of food out of his cage.  Mandy went to pick up the food and Mr. Zippy attacked.  And kept attacking.  Mandy just kept pawing him away but he was going nuts. 

When my friend went to separate him from Mandy, her finger got bit down in the back of his mouth and nearly torn off!  Then Mandy put her mouth around the Pug’s throat to keep him off  of Ashley and Mr. Zippy’s eye actually popped out!!! 

*Side Note*  I knew bug-eyed dogs easily lost their eyes, but this really creeped me out.

In short, Ashley may lose the top half of her finger and Mr. Zippy is now down to one eye.  She is handling all of this quite impressively and isn’t holding any grudges at all.  I’m not sure if I would keep my own Mr. Pug if he bit off my finger.  Of course, Mr. Zippy is on steroids for several issues just like Mr. Pug, so that may be why he got so aggressive.  We may never know.

My sympathy goes out to Ashley and Mr. Zippy and the rest of the family.

Have you ever had anything completely out of the ordinary happen with your pets?

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