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Worst Pet Sitting Visit Ever…

Two Golden Retrievers got into some chocolate-covered almonds about a month ago.  They are fine but this is what I ended up needing to clean up:


So much puke…

More puke

It was all over…these were just two examples…


New Roommate – Missy!

Our roommates just adopted one of our foster pups, Missy!  She’s a Pug-huahua.  She’s softer than a bunny rabbit, as hyper as a puppy, yet she’s 7 years old and waited around 2.5 years to be adopted.  Her previous owner died unexpectedly and Missy doesn’t “show” well.  Yet she fits into our household pretty perfectly!  Without . . . → Read More: New Roommate – Missy!

Tarantula Feeding Time!

How awesome is my side hustle?!  Cuddling puppies, petting kitties, handling snakes, and feeding tarantulas!!!  Woot!

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Branching Out to Baytown

Baytown is about an hour from my house, but I am willing to drive there for overnight pet sitting.  As long as I stay in the general area, I can keep my gas costs to less than $25 for the week.  The pups were also very straight-forward to care for.  Here are some happy customers from . . . → Read More: Branching Out to Baytown

Dale – SMART Fostering Success Number Two!!!

My husband and I fostered Dale for SMART Rescue from April 11, 2014 through April 26, 2014.  We almost adopted him ourselves, but the puppy chewing was a bit much for us.  You can see his full story at my other site by clicking here.

It is a little harder this time to say goodbye, but I hope . . . → Read More: Dale – SMART Fostering Success Number Two!!!

A Sudden Goodbye to Mr. Pug

Mr. Pug crossed over to doggy heaven May 6, 2014 after getting a twisted lung from a developing, ongoing condition (either Cushings disease or diabetes, we decided not to get him tested after the fact).  He was the classic momma’s boy and I miss him more than I thought possible.  But we’re trying to keep in mind all . . . → Read More: A Sudden Goodbye to Mr. Pug

Maggie the Magnificent – Pug Happy

I took care of this awesome Pug, Maggie, last Saturday for a little more than an hour!  She made my day with her pep!

Look at that happy Pug smile! I was having an emotional day and she perked me right up!

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Winni and Clover – Pet Sitting at Its Best

Winni and Clover were gems!  These two cuties, a Golden Retriever and a Rottweiler/German Shepherd mix, were perfect sweeties and even fun to walk even though I suspect they don’t each weigh much less than me, lol.  A nice lady driving out of their neighborhood even stopped her truck to blow kisses to Clover and make . . . → Read More: Winni and Clover – Pet Sitting at Its Best

Daisy – My First SMART Adoption Success

My husband and I fostered Daisy for A SMART Rescue from March 6, 2014 through today, April 5, 2014.

She started out abandoned in a gated lot with feral cats, and now she’s now in her forever home with a great family.  :-D

It is hard to bond and say goodbye, but we feel good knowing that we . . . → Read More: Daisy – My First SMART Adoption Success

Pendek and Zim – Pet Sitting Silliness

Pendek and Zim were a recent set of amazing animals that I watched over for 12 days while their parents were having fun abroad.  Check out the silliness that we got up to!

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